Guided Road Rides

Guided road rides will be of various lengths and difficulty in the surrounding area of Victor, and will start at various times throughout the day from Dryer Road Park.

Ride Leaders are experienced leaders from area cycling clubs. Each road ride will have two leaders – one in the front to lead, and one in the rear to sweep and ensure no rider is left behind. Bring your bike in good mechanical condition and a helmet to participate in these rides. Riders are encouraged to have a seasonal tune-up so your bike is ready to ride at the Fest.

The level of each ride is determined by the terrain and the length of the ride, but note that there are no entirely flat rides in this area, so you should expect at least some rolling hills on all routes. Easy rides will be lead at a slower pace than the advanced rides. Maps provided. Road rides will be offered unless weather conditions deem them unsafe.

Riders will be provided maps to follow, and are welcome to take a cut (shown on map) if preferred. Please let the Ride Leaders know that you are leaving the group ride so they aren’t looking for you!

  • Easy Road Ride = 9 miles in length
  • Intermediate Road Ride = 15 miles in length
  • Advanced Road Ride = 30 miles in length

Full ride schedule here.

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