Bike Shops

Where would we be without them? There’s nothing like a personal support system available right where you live and ride every day. A place to visit where you can get your questions answered, see all the cool cycling gear live and in person, and test for yourself a bike or saddle before buying!

We’re lucky enough to have these stellar local bike shops at the fest. They’ll have their staff waiting to meet you and you can find out more about them.

Full Moon Vista Bike & Sport

Tryon Bike

Park Ave Bike

Bert’s Bike & Fitness

Growler Performance Bikes

From the unique technical expertise that you’ll get from a local bike mechanic, to the value of feeling and touching a product before you buy – good local bike shops still have so much to offer. Here are seven awesome reasons to support yours.

  1. That emergency save! When you need it NOW. That inner tube, replacement part, repair service, whatever it is, they’re there for you.
  2. Expert mechanics, who know how to fix your ride. And give you a great tune-up. And teach you how to wrench yourself.
  3. Great customer service – you’ll find a friendly smile and staff willing to offer trusted advice. On just about anything cycling related.
  4. Special deals can be had for loyal customers. Shopping local means establishing valued relationships where everyone benefits.
  5. The chance to try before you buy in a way that online stores simply can’t do for you. (And before you get any clever ideas, there is a special place in burning fires of cycling hell for people who go into a local shop, try out the merchandise and then go and buy the item for cheaper online. Please, don’t do it.)
  6. You’ll be part of the cycling community – local bike shops connect you to other cyclists through group rides, local teams, clinics and events.
  7. Feel good supporting a local business and your own cycling community.


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