2017 Western New York Bike Festival

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The 2017 WNY Bike Fest will feature NO ADMISSION FEE! Enjoy one or both days FREE.

The 2017 Western NY Bike Fest will represent off-road, road, recumbent, trike, tri, adaptive, experienced cyclists and new-to-biking enthusiasts in one place at the same time. The festival is set for June 3rd and 4th, 2017 at Dryer Road Park in Victor, NY!

The Western NY Bike Fest is being organized by representatives from the following groups:

  • Rochester Bicycling Club (RBC)
  • Rochester Cycling Alliance (RCA)
  • R Community Bikes (RCB)
  • Greater Rochester Off-road Cyclists (GROC)
  • Genesse Valley Cycling Club (GVCC)
  • Rochester Adaptive Adventures
  • Rochester Area Triathletes (RATs)
  • Huggers Ski and Bicycling Club
  • National Mountain Bike Patrol

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